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You may wonder at the diverse nature of info in How to Avoid Being Stuffed With Stuff You Don’t Want!.
I discovered, or developed the information I am supplying to you either;
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like attempting to graduate with minimal studying.
OR quitting cigarettes.
OR avoiding inducing further RSI from PCs, cars, etc.
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OR buying used cars.
How To Avoid Being Stuffed With The Car You Don’t Want! started life as a simple phone checklist, until one of my clinical assistants thought that it was so good I should try to sell it. Click here for hard copy details. Click here for ebook.

All the clinical stuff in How to Avoid Being Stuffed With The Life You Don’t Want! relating to Dry Eyes and Arthritis was fully developed and achieving the required patient results and benefits in my London clinic by 1985.

OR there were some medical crises in my life which were resolved through excellent professional advice and treatment, which I have simplified and re-cycled.
OR I took advantage of my clinical analytical training to resolve the problems myself.
OR I discovered them through my professional career resolving my patients problems.
I have been using, or I have used these concepts of mine for about 40 years.
They have yet to become outdated. Click here to see from where I am coming.

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